NCEE urges due diligence by government of Andhra Pradesh before implementing MoU with BYJUs

Read the appeal in English, Hindi and Telugu

The government of Andhra Pradesh’s announcement at the World Economic Forum about an MoU with BYJUs raises several questions about subjecting poor and vulnerable children to risks involving data harvesting and theft concerns and dubious pedagogical value of unproven EdTech products

Urging the government to release the MoU in the public domain for scrutiny, the National Coalition on the Education Emergency has made an appeal discussing the dangers of implementing EdTech programs without detailed assessment of the costs/harms and benefits to students, teachers and the public school system. The attached appeal to the Government suggests the steps to determine the way forward.

The appeal has been endorsed by the Right to Education Forum, All India Forum – Right to Education and the Digital Empowerment Foundation.

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