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Karnataka textbook revision is a divisive, regressive, and a costly exercise, NCEE statement June 2, 2022

Government of Karnataka, Statement by the NCEE on Targeting and Exclusion of Hijab Wearing Muslim Women Students, 21 Feb 2022

NCEE launches new tools to track India’s devastating learning crisis, 1 Feb 2022

Government of Karnataka, curfew lifted? open schools now!, 22 Jan 22

Schools must be the last to close and the first to open, 4 Jan 2022

Government of Karnataka, to open primary schools with Mid day meals, Oct 2021 – (Kannada version)

Government of Karnataka, to open primary schools, Aug 2021

Letters to policymakers

Urgent appeal to MPs to discuss Education Emergency in Parliament, Dec 2021

Government of Maharashtra, Aug 2021

Note for CM Jharkhand, Nov 2021

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Maharashtra ‘Open Schools’ meeting organized by RTE Forum and others, our presentation (in English)

Rajasthan Meeting – Presentation slides in Hindi

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Jharkhand Teachers day protest

Jharkhand – Students protest on Teachers Day

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School Opening Guidelines

Parents speak

Swagath Colony, Bengaluru parents speak about their apprehensions from the school closure and what they would like the Government to do.