Byju’s-owned Great Learning under fire for ‘mis-selling’ IIT-Bombay course

Anirudh Singh (name changed), a 34-year old working professional, saw an advertisement for a post graduate programme (PGP) from IIT-Bombay (IIT-B) popping up while he was surfing the internet for executive education programmes.

“I clicked on it, and it took me to Great Learning’s page. On the main page, everywhere, you would see Great Learning advertising it as a PGP from IIT -Bombay. They had an entry procedure, where we were asked to take a basic test and all and then our classes started,” said Singh.

“It was a six-month course, where we were charged around Rs 1,53,000 including GST and all that. But the certificate that we got after the course nowhere mentioned it as an IIT-B PGP course. It only said a ‘CEP’ (Continuing Education Program) course by IIT Bombay. I already had a different CEP certificate, why would I do it again? I wanted a PGP from IIT- Bombay and I didn’t get that,” Singh added. Singh is not the only one. Over 130 learners are crying foul alleging that Great Learning misled them by selling ‘Continuing Education and Quality Improvement Programmes’ (CE&QIP) course of IIT-B as a PGP course. While IIT-B’s website describes the course as a part of the CE&QIP programme, Great Learning’s pamphlets showed it as PGP from IIT -Bombay.

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