The NCEE was constituted in July 2021 to address the critical state of school education and student learning, following 18 months of school closures across India due to the pandemic. The coalition issued calls to resume education by immediately opening schools and addressing the health, economic and socio-emotional well-being of children in a holistic manner.

The NCEE also highlighted the need to renew the education system as a whole– going back to ‘business as usual’ not only fails to help children regain their learning but also leaves us unprepared for future disasters. The NCEE’s A Future at Stake – Guidelines for School Reopening provides a systemic approach, covering involvement of parents, transformation of curriculum and pedagogy, continuous support for teachers, building leadership and management capacity at the state and decentralized levels and enhanced public funding. It was released in a national news conference and has been shared with all state governments.

Establishing quality education as a fundamental right requires action on three fronts: (1) creating the conditions for learning in every school and for every child, (2) social mobilization to coalesce public thinking and influence policy formulation and implementation, and (3) research for advocacy and policy. This overall approach frames the NCEE’s activities, which has supported state governments to undertake necessary reforms, undertaken research and supported social movement activism.

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