India’s edtech startups are failing to regulate themselves

In January, after the government issued an advisory asking citizens to be cautious before signing up for online courses, edtech companies had come together to form a self-regulatory body, the India EdTech Consortium (IEC). IEC has identified sales, loans, content, and teacher effectiveness as some of the most important issues…

Right Digitalization in Education? – Summary note with suggestions for action

Date: 23 April 2022 Key Participants: Ajay Singh, Amit Dhakulkar, Anjela Taneja, Dr. Indranee Dutta, Dr. Niranjan Aradhya, G Nagarjuna , Gurumurthy Kasinathan , Mitra Ranjan, Nachiket Udupa, Osama Manzar, Parminder Singh, Prof. Anita Rampal, Prof. Geetha Nambissan, Prof. R Ramanujam, Prof. Rajaram Sharma, Ravi Subramanian, Rishi Mazumdar, Sriranjani Ranganathan…

Union Budget 2022 | Digital university to be set up to provide education: FM Nirmala Sitharaman

“One lesson the pandemic has taught us – online teaching should not be confused with meaningful education. It may provide some engagement when schools are closed, but is pedagogically inferior to in-person learning within the learning community of the classroom and the school”

Karnataka: Degree students address learning loss among children, conduct bridge courses

Instead of pushing teachers to ‘cover the syllabus’, we must orient them to ‘discover the child’, to learn with empathy what she has been through during the pandemic. Facilitated by a Bengaluru-based child rights organization, Child Rights Trust, a group of degree students in Karnataka has commenced workshops in rural…

Compensating for Academic Loss: Online Learning and Student Performance during the COVID-19 Pandemic

This paper estimates the effects of online learning on student performance, using administrative data on ninth graders from three middle schools located in the same county within Baise City of China which enforced different educational practices from mid-February to early April of 2020

A Critical Review by Teachers on the Online Teaching-Learning during the COVID-19

This study looks into teacher’s perspectives in India about online mode of learning, challenges and issues faced by them in migration to online platform, experience about online tools/platforms used for instructional delivery and their suggestions to improve the process for effective teaching.