Mapping Out of School Children during COVID-19 in India

In this research, Nisha Vernekar, Aditya Narayan Rai and Karan Singhal of Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, have systematically compiled and analysed sources of information between April 2020 and May 2022. Three types of sources have been compiled and analysed – (i) nationally representative surveys (conducted by the State and civil society organisations), (ii) COVID-19 specific surveys, and (iii) government surveys (as reported in newspaper articles, statements by government representatives, or official documents published by the government).

We find that children across different socioeconomic contexts have been severely affected and educational gaps – in access to educational materials, devices, internet, and other basic resources to continue schooling – were expectedly worse for those with prior disadvantages, and varied across gender, age, region, and disability. Accordingly, the incidence of non-enrollment and dropping out was also higher among those with prior disadvantages. 

We further find evidence of new sites of exclusion that need attention and inspection. These include; increased incidence of non-enrolments among younger children; further exacerbation of challenges faced by migrant children; and increased vulnerability of children enrolled in low fee private schools. 

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