Landscape Report on Educational Technology in Schools

— Prof. Rajaram S. Sharma, Former Joint Director, CIET, NCERT, New Delhi

The evolution of mass education has resulted in a school model which involves structuring and age-wise stratification, organisation of curricula, training of teachers in the techniques of instruction, classroom processes, enablers such as timetables or lesson plans and the assessment system for learning. This report invokes this model as a convenient device through which the schooling process and the use of technology enablers can be understood. The model enables the situating of technologies of every vintage along a continuum; analyse and compare them; and trace the evolution of educational technology as a whole in enhancing the development of children – their learning as well as their ability to learn. This report attempts to map the EdTech landscape in the Indian context and assess the possibilities of using digital technologies for education.

Read the full report.

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