The bait and hook of EdTech

“It’s just a game of valuation for these companies. It isn’t about education at all,” says Pradeep Poonia, a software engineer and activist who has faced defamation suits for flagging misleading advertising campaigns by EdTech companies. “It is the sale of education.”

“EdTech promotes a dangerous learnification of education that focusses on outcomes, rather than what is being taught or why something is being taught,” he says. “It’ll encourage more parents to bypass the school system entirely. Families will end up spending much more on these products because of the perception that it is needed for good education. But most concerning is the impact on children. Schools are not just places of learning from teachers, but from learning from each other. What will happen to the process of creating social beings when digital education becomes the sole mode of learning?” asks Rishikesh.

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