NCEE second plenary meeting May 28, 22

A plenary meeting of NCEE was held virtually on May 28, 2022, to discuss the state of the education emergency, and possible steps toward addressing it.

Highlights of the meeting

Note on possible directions for work shared for discussions in the meeting.

Presentations made in the meeting

Prof R. Ramanujam, Our schools now: challenges and priorities

Mr. K. Raju – Issues of social justice: education of marginalized groups

Dr. Sajitha Bashir – The extent of the Education Emergency and Initial thoughts on the next phase of NCEE work

Ms. Anusha Sharma – Some directions for EdTech work

Ms. Anusha Sharma – Note on discussions and action items from EdTech webinar on ‘Right Digitalization’ held on April 23, 2022

Video links:

Talk by Prof. R Ramanujam
Talk by Sri K Raju
Talk by Dr. Sajitha Bashir

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