Webinar: Where Are the Kids? (बच्चे कहां हैं?)

A survey was conducted in 40 primary and 41 upper-primary government schools across Araria and Katihar districts of Bihar, in early 2023 by Jan Jagran Shakti Sangathan. Please join us for a Webinar discussion (link here) on the findings of the Report “Where Are the Kids?: The Curious Case of…

Insights from a Study of Middle School Students’ Foundational Mathematics and Language Skills

Introduction 175 students from government higher primary schools in Bengaluru were engaged as part of a study to understand their learning needs in the context of schools being re-opened after the prolonged school closures during the pandemic. The study was conducted through a series of activities wherein students worked individually,…

Digital Dollar? An exploratory study of the investments by IFC in the Indian educational technology sector

A review of the investee companies of International Finance Corporation reveals that there are serious gaps between the work of these companies, and the priorities of Indian education, with respect to questions of access, affordability and inclusion; adherence to labor, environment and child protection standards, and quality of services

‘Public Expenditure on Children – An Analysis of Pre and Post Covid period across 14 Indian States’

This report by the Centre for Budget and Policy Studies (CBPS), Bangalore analyses public expenditure on children in the age-group of 0-18 yrs during the pre and post pandemic period. It argues for greater attention to their needs to build resilience and compensate for the losses they have suffered.

The Paused Classrooms – Research report – Orissa RTE Forum and Save the children

Download the report here Nutritious food through school midday meal not available Children feel isolated, anxious, bored, uncertain and experience fear and grief Due to pandemic related economic stress, households are forced to send children for wage work. Girls being married at young age A large percentage of students do…