‘Public Expenditure on Children – An Analysis of Pre and Post Covid period across 14 Indian States’

This report by the Centre for Budget and Policy Studies (CBPS), Bangalore analyses public expenditure on children in the age-group of 0-18 yrs during the pre and post pandemic period. It argues for greater attention to their needs to build resilience and compensate for the losses they have suffered.

The Paused Classrooms – Research report – Orissa RTE Forum and Save the children

Download the report here Nutritious food through school midday meal not available Children feel isolated, anxious, bored, uncertain and experience fear and grief Due to pandemic related economic stress, households are forced to send children for wage work. Girls being married at young age A large percentage of students do…

Compensating for Academic Loss: Online Learning and Student Performance during the COVID-19 Pandemic

This paper estimates the effects of online learning on student performance, using administrative data on ninth graders from three middle schools located in the same county within Baise City of China which enforced different educational practices from mid-February to early April of 2020