The COVID-19 Pandemic: Shocks to education and policy responses

COVID-19 pandemic has already had profound impacts on education by closing schools at all levels almost everywhere; now, the damage will become even more severe as the health emergency translates into a deep global recession. This note describes the shocks hitting education systems and outlines how countries can respond to…

Simulating the Potential Impacts of COVID-19 School Closures on Schooling and Learning Outcomes: A Set of Global Estimates

This paper presents simulations of the potential effect of COVID-19-related school closures on schooling and learning outcomes. It considers four scenarios—varying in both the duration of school closures and the effectiveness of any mitigation strategies being deployed by governments.

The likely impact of COVID-19 on education: Reflections based on the existing literature and recent international datasets

This report attempts to gain a better understanding of how the COVID-19 crisis may affect students’ learning. It looks at the different direct and indirect ways through which the virus,and the measures adopted to contain it,may impact children’s achievement