Indicator Description: The indicator tracks the status of opening/closure of schools in different states and union territories of India for four types of schools (lower primary school, higher primary schools, high schools and higher secondary schools).

Indicator Coding: There are four possible states for each type of school

  • Fully Closed: Schools are completely closed with no classes being conducted in-person, no mid-day meals being provided. This also includes the situation where there is no interaction at all with school teachers and no provision of study materials/educational resources.
  • Fully Open: Schools are open as they were during pre-pandemic times with the same working hours, provision of mid-day meals, etc.
  • Partially Open: Conditional opening of schools subject to one or more of the following: operating at 50% capacity, staggered timings, alternate day functioning, in-person classes but no mid-day meals, optional attendance for in-person classes, student visits to school without regular classes, etc. The particulars for each state can be viewed under ‘additional information’ in the pop-up box on the map.
  • Data Not Available: No reported data was found for the state/region.


Data are collected from state government documents and from verified media reports and coded by the National Coalition on the Education Emergency (NCEE). In some cases, data and information are supplied by members/ supporters of the NCEE and verified. The categorization of classes/grades as lower primary, higher primary, high school and higher secondary has been done broadly, referring to the categorizations in the respective states. The data are available here.

The table titled ‘Core Education Statistics by State, 2019’ shows basic education statistics for each state, covering student enrollment, teachers and number of schools. The data are taken from Unified District Information System for Education (UDISE), 2019.


The maps and tables relating to school opening are updated every month.


Creative Commons Attribution CC BY SA: Education Emergency Policy Tracker, National Coalition on the Education Emergency, India. This data is provided free of charge.